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I'm Blonde , what's your excuse?

My name is Riley (7th grade) and I have had my share of blonde moments..... Well.....this is my TUMBLR!!!

My answer:



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Stop Anonymous Hate Project

The Stop Anonymous Hate Project is a project where we raise awareness about anonymous hate.

Anonymous hate can really damage a person, and make them feel depressed, anxious, and even suicidal. 

It’s a big deal.

Just a simple reblog to help raise awareness can make a whole load of difference. 

Thank you.

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  • Dear person I hate,
  • Dear person I like,
  • Dear ex boyfriend,
  • Dear ex girlfriend,
  • Dear ex bestfriend,
  • Dear bestfriend,
  • Dear *anyone*,
  • Dear Santa,
  • Dear mom,
  • Dear dad,
  • Dear future me,
  • Dear past me,
  • Dear person I’m jealous of,
  • Dear person I had a crush on,
  • Dear girlfriend,
  • Dear boyfriend,

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Taken with Instagram


Taken with Instagram

Niall <3

Blonde Hair + Blue Eyes = Love

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Anybody have any suggestions on how to make my Tumblr better???????????/